hey bloggers. its long enough to be absent from my blogging activity. heheh sorry I forgot the password. The situation has now changed. everything is completely changed, I feel like rotated 360 degrees from my comfortable position. I guess this is the toughest year of my life, national exams, graduation, looking for a new school, until finally my own personal life ... hmm you know, I've broken up with him since March and it took me hmm ..idk maybe,down? huft. but lets face the truth I've had with a new one and I am glad he came into my life and he makes me smile and learn to love again, I'm so happy that everything went very well. On May 23, my school recently held a farewell party. and I think that this is the last moment that I and my junior high school's friends can hang out with and have a quality time together, because after graduation we will all be in different schools. and btw thankyou for the awards and a teddy bear, I really appreciate it.
and now I'm preparing myself for the RSBI test, which will be held on 9june.justt do my best and pray to god, because I know that God knows the best for us. btw i cant wait to see Christina Perri's concert injakarta! huuhh it's been a long time I don't watch concert.i don't know what to write again huftt nighty night j-town <3.
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young beauty: 10-year-old model Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau from Ivory Coast.
The tres young girl is not only a model, but a poet as well. She’s graced the cover of Vogue Enfants (and countless editorials too)


Lîbrã ▲△▲

  • are both playful & flirty, social, & love to stay active. They're at best when keeping each other inspired. is the love you will never ever get over.
  • are beautiful people, with beautiful minds.
  • are infamously spontaneous, while 'think' & 'discuss' before taking action. This can cause misunderstandings.
    • 's instinct 4knowing when2 act makes them wise advisors4 impulsive who's spontaneity pulls out of observer mode.
    • If a loves you you'll never be taken for granted.
    • can hide emotions just as well as they can express them.
    • To Libras in long distance relationships, be certain the person is sincere&genuine, call&visit as often as possible & hope for the best.
    • Long distance relationships are not for .
    • No matter how long it takes, if wants it, gets it.
    • Cheating on a then lying about it is pointless. We can smell a lie before it leaves your mouth.
    • Be good to your .
    • lovers are said to be the most compassionate, good-natured lovers of all the zodiac signs.
    • As a being misunderstood doesn't sit well with you, and you usually make a good effort to set things straight.
    • Most are open minded researchers on a never-ending quest for knowledge and wisdom.
    • are critical thinkers.
    • The is smooth, sweet, sexy and sophisticated.
    • Those born under the sign of have a dignified nature, are confident and eloquent, with impeccable style and etiquette.
    • Always fashionably-dressed, the favors an eclectic look, mixing designer things with antique pieces.
    • have a glowing aura to match their sparkling charm. Others can't help but be enchanted by such precious jewels.
    • When a is truly in love they want the whole world to know it!!!!
    if you want to know more about libra you can visit this link https://twitter.com/EverythingLibra
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    i'm feeling like a mess


    the story of us.


    Hands over my head thinking 'what else could go wrong?'
    Would've stayed in bed, how can a day be so long?
    Never believed that things happen for a reason
    But how this turned out, you moved all my doubts, oh believe
    That for you I'll do it all over again
    Do it all over again
    So I'd do it all over again
    For you
    (Again-bruno mars)

    i don't give a shit.

    I still have those words on my cell phone. The words that I want to send it to you through the blackberry messanger that night. I pondered my intention to do that because I still loved you.things change, ppl change, u change. we used to talk for hours and now i'm lucky to talk to u for a few minutes a day. u used to want to be with me and u make it seems like u're always to busy.i remember the jokes,laughs,story we shared. and i doubt u remember any of that. there's something that made me uncomfortable with u since that day. everything changed just like that, everything just happens without a definite reason.u're changing and i can't accept that.i'm tryin but i can't.I don't know what happened to u so that u change so quickly. When I asked about it to u, u just stay quiet or divert our conversation,or u just yelled at me like "hellyeah,ppl always change you just have to adapt yourself to the situation'' and the worst are u mad at me for no reason. I just want the certainty of this relationship, i mean why should we continue this relationship if u're not even love me anymore.It seems like u don't want me to be with u anymore . Everyday i'm tryin to understand u and tryin to adapt with the situation just like u wanted me to do, but u kno what? i just can't hold it any longer dude. my heart still loving u but i doubt do u still love me or not. Untill i need someone to talk to that night and guess what? yeah you're not there, i don't even kno where were u that night.Ireally can't take this shit anymore, i'm so done with all this bullshit, till the night that i called u and asked u to end this relationship. At the end..i decided to get back with u and give u a second chance. BUT YEAH i'm in the same old shit,same feeling,but different timing. how could u be so mean nan? until finally I was very tired with everything, and discuss this prob with u. u decided to end this relationship with anger. at the time I'm confused, to feel what. on the first side I feel happy because i don't have to hold this pain any longer. but on the other side I feel sad, because I'm still loving u, but we're done so there's nothing i can do but cry. I get the message that morning and it was from u. u say u're sorry. but I'm not sure if what u say is true or not. until the day, u were asked to come back to me. I'm so confused at the time. I really need time to think about it. until finally I've got the answer. but first, I want u to feel what I felt during this time. and yes, what I wanted was successful. and finally we're get back. yeah, I hope this is the last, and I hope you're not gonna make me disapponted anymore.because there will be no third chance.
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